News and Updates

21/12/2008 - Version 1.1.1

  • bug-fix: input parameter files, result files and parameter ranges can now be loaded from arbitrary folders (before they had to be located in the main folder)
  • bug-fix: plot of the second order component functions considers now the minimum and maximum ranges for x and y (before it was scaled automatically)
  • bug-fix: HDMR button for plot of individual second order component functions adjusted

  • 26/11/2008 - Version 1.1

  • coefficient of determination implemented in addition to relative error to show the accuracy of the HDMR metamodel
  • scatter plot included in Results window to show the relationship between the original model and the HDMR metamodel
  • plot of the probability densitiy function (pdf) estimate provided in Results window for both the orignal model and the HDMR metamodel (note, if the Statistics Toolbox is not available, then the histogram will be presented instead of the pdf)
  • all plots can now also be saved in the matlab (.fig) format
  • preview option for the plot of the second order HDMR component functions using only 11 grid points for both dimensions
  • combined surface and contour plot for individual second order HDMR component functions using 33 grid point for both dimensions
  • bug-fix: editable fields in the Setup window can now be accessed in the right order via the TAB key

  • 29/05/2008 - Version 1.0

  • the first version of the GUI-HDMR software has been released